Minecraft Crack Client

It is a FREE client. It contains an updater which updates whenever Notch does. It contains a name changer whenever you run the client. A back-up manager to save backups of worlds or the installation itself.

Known problems: You will get a “Cannot find class Mainloader” error. This is not a permanent error (or it may just be me). Simply run Minecraft.exe AGAIN (after closing the error window) to run the game. If you get the error again, keep trying.

Alternative link:

What this client does:
Will INSTALL minecraft as if you bought it from Notch (I think, I don’t have it). You do not need a paid account to use this client. However, you will be at the disadvantage of not being able to change your character skin if you have not paid for Minecraft.

NOTE: If you downloaded Tabbykiller's or someone elses crack client, you will need to do these steps.
1) Start -> Run -> %appdata%
2) Find your .minecraft folder and delete it
3) Delete any shortcuts you made to minecraft
4) Run the minecraft.exe


If this does not work for you, try other crack clients:

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